flop's mascot

FLOP is a group of creators based in Montreal working together to create playful and alternative experiences that stray from traditional video games.

Around monthly meetups, we act as an incubator and open atelier, welcoming industry veterans and curious neophytes alike.


So games are cool and all, but what is it you do, FLOP?
We host monthly meetups wherein everyone is welcome to present prototypes or simply come and see what others have made. FLOP also hosts other activities related to alternative games, from workshops to exhibitions.

Monthly meetups? Who is it for?
Anyone who is interested in making, seeing or learning about unconventional video games. No need to be a dev, nor even a gamer. No need to bring anything neither!

Are you doing this in a meeting room? What is it like?
It’s more informal than you’d think. We simply ask “does anyone have a game to show?”, some people raise their hand and we’re ready to start. We first play the game on a projector (if it’s screen based), and when it’s over we have a group discussion about it. It can be feedback, or just a more open-ended discussion about the process, design, aesthetics, etc.

Woah, this sounds scary. I would be quite self-conscious about doing this in front of strangers.
It might look scary on your first time, but know that FLOP is recognized as a welcoming place where everything is allowed, anything from unfinished to weird, cliché, sophisticated or just broken. If you are a beginner, be assured that we will be especially interested in helping you get better.

I don’t like people. I don’t like talking. Can I come and not participate?
Certainly! Be aware that people may come and talk to you. As long as you are friendly and civil, we should get along.

And what are the rules at the meetups?
Our only rule : no pitch, no video, only live content. We should also specify that we have zero tolerance for racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism and hate speech of any nature.

Are theses things really video games?
Sometimes they are, sometimes not. In fact, we don’t really care. More constructive questions would be “Why can I say that this is a video game? What do I consider a video game to be?”

I made a game. But it’s bad! Are you going to judge it? Are you going to judge me?
We tend not to think in terms of “this sucks / this rocks”. In fact, we are certain your game is not bad and that there is at least something interesting about it.

I haven’t made any game and I feel bad about it…. Will you still accept me?
Of course!